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Spam Master WordPress LogoSpam Master is the ultimate spam protection plugin for WordPress registrations, comments and logins. Spam Master is also packed with Firewall technology and uses Real Time anti-spam lists.

Spam Master munches, feeds and grows on spam ip’s, emails, domains and words. One of the top 5 world-wide, real-time spam databases. Watch the number below grow daily by the hundreds, Spam Master currently protects against:


Million Threats

Spam Master was born out of need to protect our wordpress website against constant malicious activity. Spam registrations and comments, fake logins and malicious browsing activity that affect the majority of websites. Instead of downloading a dubious and nasty plugin “made in china, india or russia”, we did it the TechGasp way… coded a brand new, clean and fast plugin that will make your professional wordpress website safe and clean.

Spam Master protects WordPress based websites from millions of known spam emails, domains, ip’s, words by blocking their malicious activity. Uses RBL technology (real time block lists) constantly being updated and maintained.

The problem facing spam targeted wordpress blogs is that most of the spam registrations or comments are done by a mixture of “bots” robots and human spamming. Most of the spam registration systems fail including captcha precisely because the human factor kicks in during registration, also these captcha systems “push away” real user registrations and can injure your professional, commercial, sales based website income. Spam Master latest version includes advanced optional tools to fight spam. Re-CATPCHA, Honeypot traps, Firewall, Signatures, etc. to grant your website a comprehensive and effective protection against nasty registrations, comments and general online misfitting.

Spam Learning

The plugin comes packed with automated Spam Learning function that will make your wordpress blog a fighting spam enforcer by providing registration ip’s and emails for analysis and spam lists inclusion.

Spam Firewall

With the Firewall technology, Spam Master blocks malicious activity before it even reaches your website. By activating Spam Master Firewall your wordpress automatically gets protected against dangerous exploits like HTTP and HTTPS DDoS (denial-of-service), SQL, brute force attacks and injections and many others that made it through the HTTP or HTTPS.

Threat Alert Level

Automatically displays your website spam & threat alert levels. It’s an easy and interactive way for you to know if your website is being targeted by spammers and the level of intensity or danger of this targeting. The update is done daily and automatically via RBL (real-time blacklist) servers sync. The alert levels range from 0 (low) to 3 (high) intensities.

Spam Probability

Spam Master uses advanced heuristics to predict your website Spam Activity Probability. Given all your website activity, including spam if any, plus the current website alert level, Spam Master is able to predict an approximated percentage of spam activity in your website.


Spam Buffer Whitelisting excludes spam checks from safe Emails or Ip’s, it also removes these safe Emails and Ip’s from your local Spam Buffer.

Honeypot Version 2

TechGasp technology Honeypot Version 2 a new anti-bot concept of “smart dynamic input fields” that adapt and check for things like javascript, sessions and cookies alongside the traditional honeypot traps set to detect, deflect, and counteract attempts at unauthorized use of your website.


Spam Master is a powerful anti-bot shield that easily detects and blocks robotic spam form submissions via real time bot checks. It also detects pesky robots running on browser macros, addons and extensions, headless browsers and browsers without javascript, sessions or cookies.

Email Reports & Warnings

An array of optional email reports and warnings is available in Spam Master Protection Tools page to keep you informed in detail or at glance of what is happening in your blog. The important Threat Alert Level is sent daily with probability of spam if any and, if your blog reaches Alert Level 3 a special warning email is sent. Email reporting includes template styling, just because it’s a report it does not imply it needs to be ugly.


With Spam Master steady growth we were able to reduce the price by 25% in all your renews. Yes, that’s right after the initial €9 you will only pay €6.75 for every yearly renew, that’s about 50 cents a month and less than 0.02 cents a day. As we like to say, “it costs peanuts per year”.

Plugin Options:

  • WordPress Network or Multi-Sites Ready. Network Admin Settings apply to all network sites.
  • No complex stuff, just install and go.
  • Fast loading, Spam Master is modular… it only loads what is needed to keep your website secure and clean.
  • Protects WordPress from User Registrations (spamming bots, users or both).
  • Protects WordPress Comments from (spamming bots, users or both.
    • Spam Master marks as spam comments wrongly cleared as safe by akismet, check screenshots.
  • Spam Master protects your website pages and posts from malicious trackbacks (spamming bots, users or both).
  • Spam Master protects your login page.
  • Spam Master protects your entire wordpress if Firewall is Active.
  • Spam Master is Contact Form 7 ready.
  • Spam Master is Woocommerce ready.
  • Spam Master checks for emails, domains, ip’s, words and malicious website activities.
  • Spam Master automatically cleans comments.
  • Uses real time scan from millions of known spamming / malicious sources and effectively blocks them.
  • Includes Statistical information to keep your life easy.
  • Spam Master Learning makes your WordPress an Anti-Spam enforcer by collecting data for analysis.
  • Spam Master enables you to customize the block message.
  • Spam Master includes Re-captcha verification for WordPress registrations, logins and comments.
  • Spam Master includes Honeypot traps for WordPress registrations, logins and comments.
  • Spam Master includes it’s own proprietary technology Honeypot Version 2 a new anti-bot concept, “smart dynamic input fields” that adapt and check for things like javascript, sessions and cookies.
  • Spam Master includes Firewall technology, blocking misfits before they actually enter your website.
  • Spam Master includes Signatures.
  • Spam Master includes Character Blocking. Option to individually activate russian, chinese, asian, arabic characters, immediately blocks comments that use those characters.
  • Spam Master includes a brand new automatic Threat Alert Level, it’s an easy and interactive way for you to know if your website is being targeted by spammers and the level of intensity or danger of this targeting.
  • Spam Master includes Spam Activity Probability, in conjunction with the Alert Level, Spam Master advanced detection heuristic analytics will provide you with an approximated percentage of all activity in your website.
  • Spam Master includes several optional email reports and warnings to keep you informed.
  • Spam Master is PHP 7 ready.
  • Spam Master is IPv6 ready.
  • Javascript, Jquery and Ajax free. No Errors or wordpress conflicts.
  • We are currently achieving 99.9% of Spam Blocks.
  • Documentation & instructions available, bottom of this page.
  • The RBL License is valid for 12 months. Spam Master is the most professional and cost effective spam protection available in the market for WordPress. The protection value equals 60 cents per month and includes bandwidth usage, lists maintenance, updates and support. How much is your wordpress income worth?

IMPORTANT: Makes no use of Javascript or Ajax to keep your website fast and conflicts free

Spam Master… keeps your professional wordpress clean and lightning fast.


Very few plugins will show the statistics we packed into spam master:

  • Selected Protection Level
  • Total Website Users
  • Total Spam Users Blocked
  • Total Number of Comments
  • Total Number of Spam Successful Blocked Comments
  • Total Number of Approved Comments
  • Total Number of Pending Comments
  • Total Number of Trashed Comments
  • Total Number of Threats you are Protected from
  • Spam Learning Status
  • Firewall Status
  • RBL Spam Servers Status
  • User Registrations Lists with (user id, registration date, user status, name, username, and email)
  • Comments List with (comment date, comment author, author email, author website, comment content, comment status)