reverbnationmaster_wordpress_logoReverbnation Master plugs-in perfectly into wordpress and allows you to display all the reverbnation juice inside any widget, page or post. Fully Mobile Responsive with excellent Google SEO results.

Live Individual Shortcode – User Profile

Great sound extension for wordpress is now available for download. Reverbnation is an award winning website and social community for independent music industry providing a central meeting point for musicians, producers and venues to communicate and collaborate.

Reverbnation Master plugin allows you to display all the reverbnation juicy widgets inside any wordpress widget template position, page or post. Yes, that’s right, all great widgets in the palm of your hand, Html5 Player, Html5 Fan Collector, Html5 Show Schedule, Tune Widget, Shop, etc.

Live Universal Shortcode – Html5 Player

With fast loading speeds, and perfect Google SEO, Reverbnation Master was designed in html5 to encapsulate reverbnation scripts in a way never seem before, as a very small system trace and is based in reverbnation html5 api. A must have for any professional wordpress website.

Check the screenshots page or get in touch with us in case of doubts. IMPORTANT: Errors and conflicts free. NO JAVASCRIPT or AJAX.

independent music for wordpress…


Main options packed into this extension:

  • The independent music extension for WordPress
  • Based upon Reverbnation API
  • Designed in html5 to encapsulate reverbnation scripts
  • No Javascript or Ajax = no errors or conflicts
  • Incredibly Fast WordPress Page Load Times
  • WordPress Network or Multi-Sites Ready
  • Perfect Google SEO
  • Option to Show, change or hide any Widget Title
  • PHP 7 Ready!
  • Reberbnation Administrator Dashboard Widget

    • The wordpress administrator dashboard widget allows you to have any native reverbnation widget inside your wordpress dashboard page
    • Very useful to listen to music or have your reverbnation schedule close by while you work on your wordpress
  • Reberbnation Buttons Widget

    • A great way to connect your wordpress visitors and users to your Reverbnation Profile
    • This widget works great when published under any of the below players
  • Rebernation Advanced Responsive Widget

    • Specially coded in HTML5 for incredible page load times
    • Encapsulates any of reverbnation scripts in a clean and tidy way to achieve perfect Google SEO
    • Displays┬áDisplays all Reverbnation Widgets
      • Html5 Player
      • Html5 Fan Collector
      • Html5 Show Schedule
      • Tune Widget
      • Shop
      • etc.
  • Rebernation User Profile Widget

    • Specially designed advanced widget to display reverbnation user profiles and player
    • Includes the famous TechGasp Bang! Artwork Display
    • Fully Mobile Responsive
    • Packed with easy to use options:
      • Option to Activate TechGasp Bang! player or use normal player
      • Option to display Reverbnation Logo
      • Option to change Color Scheme to best match your theme
      • Option to override height without affecting responsiveness
  • Shortcode Framework v5

    • Publish Reverbnation professionally inside pages and posts
    • New Universal Shortcode, allows you to have the same Shortcode across different pages or posts. Easy to use it can be found under the Shortcodes Menu. Once you have created your shortcode, use anywhere inside the text of your pages or posts
      • Option to Automatically add the shortcode to all pages and posts or manually add the pre-built shortcode individually per page and post
      • Option to Automatically only show the shortcode in Posts, not Pages
      • Option to Automatically show the shortcode After the Title or After the Content
    • New Infinite Individual Shortcode, allows you to have infinite customized Reverbnation Players, User Profiles and Buttons in each page or post. Easy to use it can be found on the plugin Individual Shortcodes page. Use the shortcodes anywhere inside your text editor.
      • Option to create Infinite Individual Shortcodes per page or post
      • Re-usable shortcodes, once the shortcode is created you can use it as many times as you want in the same page or post or in different pages or posts
      • Integrated shortcode management, easy creation, usage and deletion of all TechGasp Plugins Shortcodes, Cool!
      • Packed full of display options
  • Documentation & instructions available with backend widget screenshots, bottom of this page