instagrammaster_wordpress_logoInstagram Master let’s your show your latest Instagram photos and View on Instagram Button inside any widget position.

Live Universal Shortcode Demo and Plugin Description

Such a cool app needed to be ported to wordpress with style, and that’s precisely what we have done. We are happy to present you our newest state of the art wordpress plugin, Instagram Master.

Instagram is a photo-sharing software and social network that allows users to take photos and apply really cool digital filters to them. Instagram is booming in iphones, android phones and also allows users to share their cool photos in other social networks like facebook or twitter.

Live Individual Shortcode Demo and Plugin Description


Instagram Master let’s your show your latest instagram photos inside any wordpress widget position. But that’s not all, with TechGasp shortcode framework for wordpress you can also publish the plugin inside pages and posts.

We packed this plugin with it’s own html5 and css for a really cool and beautiful display, pop-up page when you click a photo thumbnail, also labels with username and tag of each photo.

You have full control over the photo thumbnail display size in pixels to fit your template perfectly, you also have full control over the number of thumbnails to display. NO JAVASCIPT OR AJAX, keep your website clean of errors and conflicts, boosting your website page load speed and Google SEO.

Look and behold the screenshots below…


Main options:

  • Show, change or hide any Widget Title
  • Beautiful Instagram Photos Display
  • Fast Page load times, Built in html5 and CSS
  • Javascript or Ajax Clean
  • PHP 7 Ready!
  • Instagram Master Advanced Buttons Widget:

    • The perfect widget to connect your wordpress website to your instagram profile and collect a bunch of photo likes, comments, shares, etc.
    • Packed with the default View on Instagram button and the Sleek Small sized Intagram button, icon
    • The Advanced Instagram Master Buttons Widget looks great when published under the photos widget, remember you can always hide the widget title to get the button closer to your photos
  • Instagram Master Basic Responsive Embed Widget:

    • Light, Fast Loading widget that manually displays a single Instagram video or image
    • Perfect to create pages or posts full of your best hand picked Instagram Photos or Videos
    • Includes Follow, Likes and Comments for max “viralness”
  • Instagram Master Advanced Photos Widget:

    • The “Top of the Line” Instagram Photos Display Widget is a Fast clean html5 that makes NO USE of nasty Javascipt or Ajax
    • Beautiful Full Adaptive Photos display in html5 and CSS
    • Full control over the number of photo thumbnails to display
    • Full control over the size of photo thumbnails
    • Full control over the photo thumbnails padding (space between photos or videos)
    • Full control over the background colour to best match your theme colour
    • Each thumbnail displays username and tag labels
    • Perfect for Instagram Photo Comments, Love and Share
  • Instagram Master Advanced Responsive Embed Widget:

    • Unlike the Basic Embed Widget, this advanced version allows 2 displays options:
    • Automatically retrieve your latest Instagram video or photo. Perfect to always display fresh content to your users. No maintenance needed, just publish an new photo or video on Instagram and this widget will do the rest.
    • Manually select a single Instagram image or video
    • Includes Follow, Likes and Comments for max “viralness”
  • Shortcode Framework v5

    • Publish Instagram professionally inside pages and posts
    • New Universal Shortcode, allows you to have the same shortcode across different pages or posts. Easy to use it can be found under the Shortcodes Menu. Once you have created your shortcode, use anywhere inside the text of your pages or posts
      • Option to Automatically add the shortcode to all pages and posts or manually add the pre-built shortcode individually per page and post
      • Option to Automatically only show the shortcode in Posts, not Pages
      • Option to Automatically show the shortcode After the Title or After the Content
    • New Infinite Individual Shortcode, allows you to have infinite customized Instagram Photo Layouts and Instagram Buttons in each page or post. Easy to use it can be found on the plugin Individual Shortcodes page. Use the shortcodes anywhere inside your text editor.
      • Option to create Infinite Individual Shortcodes per page or post
      • Re-usable shortcodes, once the shortcode is created you can use it as many times as you want in the same page or post or in different pages or posts
      • Integrated shortcode management, easy creation, usage and deletion of all TechGasp Plugins Shortcodes, Cool!
      • Packed full of display options
      • Shortcode allows the ability of having pages or posts dedicated to your Instagram Profile. You can have as many WordPress Pages or Posts each one with a different display. You can easily achieve beautiful full width Instagram layouts with your photos and videos
  • Documentation & instructions available with backend plugin screenshots, check bottom button