googlemapsmaster-wordpress-logoGoogle Maps Master is the professional wordpress plugin to display locations with Google Maps V3. Fully mobile responsive.

Individual Shortcode Demo and Plugin Description

It’s the perfect plugin to display your business location in a google map or, just your personal location if you have a blog, forum, etc. Extensive, backend options to configure the map display, i.e. name, website, email, phone, mobile, city, state, and country. But hold on, that’s not all, you can even show your logo, avatar, picture, photo in the map.

The perfect solution to let your costumer know your physical location, with the usual TechGasp style. Includes 10 Techgasp designed glossy icons and is able to display 12 different markers per map.

Google Maps Master is fully Mobile Responsive, a basic need for any modern and professional wordpress website. Besides having a bunch of widgets to choose from to display your maps, since is fully integrated with TechGasp shortcode framework, you can easily display your maps inside posts or pages in an efficient and fast page loading way.

SEO Ready and beefed-up with Google Maps Master Viral Widget!Built with html5, fast page load times, no conflicts and uses the latest Google Maps V3 API for gorgeous 3D map displays and guess what! no need for google maps API key!

Top Options:

  • Includes and allows selection of any of the Google Maps display, Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or TerrainDisplay up to 12 markers in the Advanced Widget
  • Display 1 marker in the Basic Widget, for fast deployment
  • Options per individual marker:
    • Info On Icon click
    • auto center info window
    • Displays business or personal Logo / Picture / Avatar
    • Company Name: Your Company name, your name or username
    • Company Address: Your company address or your personal address
    • City: Your City
    • State: Your State
    • Country: Your Country
    •  Phone: Your Phone
    • Mobile: Your Mobile
    • Email: Your Email
    • Website: Your Website link
    • Free Text Field: use it as you which, example Read More link
    • auto-hides empty fields per marker
  • includes TechGasp Radioactive Widget… looks awesome!!!, TechGasp Designed map effects or overlays (Before Doomsday, Green Radiation, Blue Aftermath, Red Dawn, Orange Mushroom and Black Fallout)… read more below and check screenshot.
  • includes TechGasp Information Widget. The perfect widget to display the latest google maps V3 traffic, transit, weather and bicycling map informations with incredibly beautiful design. Includes 4 Information Overlays for fast and easy deployments (Traffic, Transit, Bicycling and Incredible Weather Forecast). The Weather Information contains accurate weather forecasts if you click the forecast icon, according to the zoom level of the map, it will also display real time clouds overlay. OMG!!! read more below and check screenshots

Makes no use of Javascript or Ajax to keep your website clean of errors and conflicts…

Business Gogle Maps for WordPress…

Universal Shortcode Demo and Plugin Options

Plugin Options:

  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • WordPress Network or Multi-Sites Ready
  • Specially designed for business wordpress websites
  • Built with html5, Fast page load times and SEO tested for perfect Google Rank
  • No Errors or wordpress conflicts. Javascript, Jquery and  Ajax free
  • Does not require google maps api key
  • Show, change or hide any Widget Title
  • Includes optional use of Google Maps API free key for professional api users
  • PHP 7 Ready!
  • Google Maps Master Viral Widget

    • Perfect to increase your Google Rank and Search Engine Presence with Google Plus Button
    • Increased Google SEO performance
    • Perfect to boost your website traffic and gather new users with Google Share Button
    • Option to display Google Plus or Google Share or both
    • Works great when published under any Google Maps Master Widget
  • Google Maps Master Basic fast loading Widget

    • Minimal code for a small system trace with extremely fast page load times
    • Easy and fast wordpress deployment
    • Includes Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain map display
    • Includes 1 Marker
    • Includes 1 TechGasp exclusively designed, transparent, glossy, with shadow marker icon
    • Includes all Marker options
    • No need for Google Maps API key
  • Google Maps Master Advanced Responsive Widget

    • Fully Mobile Responsive
    • Includes Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain map display
    • Includes 12 Markers
    • Includes 10 TechGasp exclusively designed, transparent, glossy, with shadow marker icons
    • Includes all options per individual marker
    • If more than 1 marker is selected, you can manually adjust the center of the map and zoom level to best display all markers
    • No need for Google Maps API key
  • Google Maps Master Information Widget

    • Includes 4 Information Overlays OMG!
    • Real-Time Traffic
      • Traffic Speed on Roads and Highways
      • Colours indicate speed, green for fast traffic to red for slow traffic
    • Real-Time Transit
      • Public transportation schedules and associated geographic information
      • Includes information about stops, routes, trips, and other schedule data
    • Real-Time Bicycling
      • Bike or bicycling information paths
      • Darker green line indicates bike trails where there are no motor vehicles
      • Lighter green line indicates streets with bike lanes
      • Green and white dotted line indicates streets recommended for cyclists, but without a bike lane
    • Real-Time Weather Forecasts
      • Accurate Weather Forecasts if you click the forecast icon
      • According to the zoom level of the map, it will also display real time clouds overlay
      • Option to display Weather in Fahrenheit or Celsius (metric)
      • on click weather icon for full forecast display
      • Awesome Weather Icons
    • Includes 1 Marker
    • Includes all Marker options
    • Includes 1 TechGasp exclusively designed, transparent, glossy icon
    • No need for Google Maps API key
  • Google Maps Master Radioactive Widget

    • Includes 6 TechGasp designed Radioactive Map Overlays WOW! Awesome!!
      • Before Doomsday
      • Green Radiation
      • Blue Aftermath
      • Red Dawn
      • Orange Mushroom
      • Black Fallout
    • Easy Option to create your own customized Google Map Overlay
    • Includes 1 Marker
    • Includes all Marker options
    • Includes 1 TechGasp exclusively designed, transparent, glossy icon
    • No need for Google Maps API key
  • Shortcode Framework v5

    • Publish Google Maps professionally inside pages and posts
    • New Universal Shortcode, allows you to have the same google maps across different pages or posts. Easy to use it can be found under the Shortcodes Menu. Once you have created your shortcode, use anywhere inside the text of your pages or posts
      • Option to Automatically add the shortcode to all pages and posts or manually add the pre-built shortcode individually per page and post
      • Option to Automatically only show the shortcode in Posts, not Pages
      • Option to Automatically show the shortcode After the Title or After the Content
    • New Infinite Individual Shortcode, allows you to create infinite customized Google Maps with several Terrain display types and customizable Markers and Icons in each page or post. Easy to use it can be found on the plugin Individual Shortcodes page. Use the shortcodes anywhere inside your text editor.
      • Option to create Infinite Individual Shortcodes per page or post
      • Re-usable shortcodes, once the shortcode is created you can use it as many times as you want in the same page or post or in different pages or posts
      • Integrated shortcode management, easy creation, usage and deletion of all TechGasp Plugins Shortcodes, Cool!
      • Packed full of display options
  • Documentation & instructions available, bottom of the page. Remember to check screenshots.