techgasp-facebookmaster-wordpress-logoFacebook Master let’s you have full control over all good facebook social plugins in one go, only for professional wordpress websites.

Live Individual Shortcode Demo

Facebook Master plugin for is now available for any serious wordpress webmaster.

Facebook Master let’s you have full control over all good facebook social plugins in one go, likes, share, stream, profile pictures, color scheme, border color, facebook header, etc.

Packed with display options to adapt to any template widget position but still very user friendly and with great label instructions. If your objective is to go viral and exponentially increase visits or likes to your facebook website fan page or application, then this plugin is a must have.

Live Universal Shortcode Demo

Both the widget and the shortcode framework are fully mobile responsive, a must for any professional website. IMPORTANT: Makes no use of Javascript or Ajax to keep your website clean of errors and conflicts

The Ultimate facebook plugin for any wordpress administrator…


Plugin Main Features:

  • The ultimate plugin that takes your website to the next facebook viral level.
  •  Only for professional websites
  • No Javacript or Ajax, built in html5 for fast page load times and no errors or conflicts. Uses latest Facebook Html5 API
  • Fully Mobile Devices Responsive
  • WordPress Network or Multi-Sites Ready
  • Show, change or hide any Widget Title
  • PHP 7 Ready!
  • Facebook Master Viral Fan Page Widget

    • Packed with Facebook Fan Page Like and Share buttons to make your wordpress grow with new visits and users.
    • Looks great published anywhere and everywhere on your website, built-in html5 for a small system trace. Remember you can always hide the widget title
    • Share each wordpress individual page, like a tweet
  • Facebook Master Advanced Pages

    • Implementation of new Facebook API for pages. Easy to implement.
    • Fast loading html5 to display your Facebook Fan page in any widget position.
    • Option to hide the widget title.
    • Option to display facebook page cover.
    • Option to display facebook user faces.
    • Option to display facebook page srteam.
    • Option to override language.
  • Facebook Master Basic fast Loading Widget

    • Designed in html5 for Fast Page Loading times it’s perfect to display your Facebook Fan Page or Application. Makes NO USE of nasty Javascipt or Ajax
    • All options are on automatic settings so it’s easy and fast to deploy by any wordpress administrator
  • Facebook Master Advanced Responsive Widget

    • “Top of the Line” Advanced Responsive Widget is the perfect way to display your Facebook Fan Page or Application with full control over visual options.
    • Beautifully coded in html5, this widget is Fully Mobile Responsive, WOW!!!
    • Specially suited for professional, commercial, sales websites where Fast Page Load Times and mobile presence is a must
      • Facebook Fan Page or Application Address
      • Facebook Application ID number (optional, connects your facebook fan page with your application… if you have one)
      • Display Stream
      • Display Facebook User Faces
      • Display Facebook Header
      • Color Scheme: Light or Dark
      • Display Border
      • Advanced Mobile Responsive Mode
  • Facebook Master Responsive Embed Post Widget

    • Embed your favourite Public Posts from User Profiles or Facebook Fan Pages
    • Fully Mobile Responsive. Awesome for photos.
  • Facebook Master Responsive Embed Video Widget

    • Embed your favourite Public Videos
    • Boosts Videos likes and shares
    • Caution, Extremely Viral
    • 100% Mobile Responsive for video perfection
  • Facebook Master Groups Widget

    • Display your Favorite Facebook Groups
    • Increase exponentially your group followers
    • Requeires facebook application Id
    • Static width, minimun 180 and maximum 500
  • Facebook Master Responsive Embed Comment Widget

    • Embed your favourite Public Comments
    • Perfect for professional or commercial reviews
    • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Shortcode Framework v5

    • Publish Facebook professionally inside pages and posts
    • New Universal Shortcode, allows you to have the same shortcode across different pages or posts. Easy to use it can be found under the Shortcodes Menu. Once you have created your shortcode, use anywhere inside the text of your pages or posts
    • New Infinite Individual Shortcode, allows you to have infinite customized Facebook page displays in each page or post. Easy to use it can be found on the plugin Individual Shortcodes page. Use the shortcodes anywhere inside your text editor.
      • Option to create Infinite Individual Shortcodes per page or post
      • Re-usable shortcodes, once the shortcode is created you can use it as many times as you want in the same page or post or in different pages or posts
      • Integrated shortcode management, easy creation, usage and deletion of all TechGasp Plugins Shortcodes, Cool!
      • Packed full of display options
  • Documentation & instructions available, bottom of the page. Deployment  in a couple of minutes.