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TechGasp plugins fully compatible with WordPress 3.8.2

Yesterday we saw an important release of our beloved content management system WordPress, version 3.8.2.

TechGasp Plugins fully Compatible

All TechGasp plugin users will be very happy to know that is 100% safe to install, upgrade and ultimately use and abuse our plugins… they are wordpress 3.8.2 compatible.

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TechGasp WordPress Framework V4.3 is coming


We have been working very hard to extend and upgrade our current wordpress framework v4.2 into the new v4.3. The new framework is a huge beef-up from the previous version, you can read all about it below.

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TechGasp Upgraded to WordPress 3.8


We are happy to announce that all TechGasp plugins passed the WordPress 3.8 upgrade test. To commemorate this event we launched today our new state of the art Groupon Master that was tested still under wordpress 3.8 RC1 development.

To all our users… download or upgrade your favourite TechGasp plugins. You are safe with us.

What’s new in WordPress 3.8?

Many new features, here’s a few we specially like.

  • New and exciting administrator template design, everything is pretty much in the same place but with a great “face lift” and a bunch of colours to choose from.
  • The administrator backend is finally 100% mobile responsive, now you can update your wordpress “on the go” with your cell phone or pad.
  • The theme management got improved with template previews and the widgets get a more simplified and user friendly administration.

TechGasp Plugins are fully compatible with new WordPress 3.7


WordPress rolled out a new version of our loved Content Management System, WordPress 3.7. codenamed “count basie“. It’s a somewhat important release where most of the changes are under the hood, not really visible on your website frontend or backend.

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New Framework Plugin Releases

Check out the 2 new babies

Spotify Master and Vimeo Master are the first wordpress plugins to be upgraded to version 4.0 of the new TechGasp Framework for WordPress.

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New WordPress Framework from TechGasp


Countdown as started… all techgasp plugins will have a new and very much tweaked up wordpress framework.  based upon our customer reviews and requests. Coming soon.

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How to improve your WordPress Google Rank


Yesterday we posted an article in our Joomla website that applies to wordpress. 3 easy rules that over time will boost your visits and wordpress hits.

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How to edit WordPress native Meta Widget?

With the WordPress native Meta Widget users can register and login into your website. Unfortunately the widget backend as no options to remove your website RSS link, your website comments RSS link and the WordPress link. For a login / register widget all those links are overkill and they extend a sidebar menu that is supposed to be short.

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