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Celebrating Ghost V2

TechGasp Ghost V2

The fastest wordpress theme TechGasp Ghost just saw a huge upgrade with exciting new features added. The official release will be today at midnight, the ghostly hour.

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WordPress 4.2 codenamed “Jazz”

TechGasp WordPress 4.2

Are you ready for wordpress 4.2 to be released this month.

We at TechGasp are totally ready, so are all our great wordpress frameworks, plugins and themes.

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TechGasp WordPress Framework 4.4

TechGasp WordPress Framework V4.4

TechGasp WordPress Framework Version 4.4 introduces many new cool features and it’s all about simplifying the user experience and extend full compatibility to WordPress Multi-Sites or WordPress Network set-ups.

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WordPress websites under attack by SoakSoak

Wordpress SoakSoak

WordPress websites are under attack by a virus, script or malware baptised SoakSoak. According to google more than 100.000 blogs and 15.000 domains are currently infected.

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Something ghostly is coming to WordPress

TechGasp Ghost WordPress Theme

TechGasp Ghost WordPress Theme

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WordPress 4.0, what’s new?


Summer is great here at TechGasp and we can’t wait for the new wordpress 4.0 scheduled for August. Yes, we have been working hard to make sure all TechGasp plugins work smoothly with the new upcoming “awesome” wordpress.

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WordPress 3.9 is out and about

techgasp_wordpress39TechGasp Plugins Fully Compatible

Once again we are happy to announce that all TechGasp Plugins are compatible with WordPress 3.9. All users can download or upgrade our plugins to the latest version without any problems.

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TechGasp plugins fully compatible with WordPress 3.8.2

Yesterday we saw an important release of our beloved content management system WordPress, version 3.8.2.

TechGasp Plugins fully Compatible

All TechGasp plugin users will be very happy to know that is 100% safe to install, upgrade and ultimately use and abuse our plugins… they are wordpress 3.8.2 compatible.

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