vinemaster_wordpress_logoVine Master turns your wordpress  Viral while being exciting for users to check your Vine Vidoes. Setup in seconds and easy to use shortcode and widget.
Documentation and instructions below.

Installation and Updates

Please read the Installation & Updates page that applies to all TechGasp plugins Installation & Updates


Vine Master Advanced Viral Widget

techgasp-vine-master-backend-widget-viralDisplay Widget Title:

1. Activate to display widget title

2. Change Widget Title

Show Twitter Buttons:

3. Activate to Display Your Twitter Follow Button and Tweet this page Button.

4. if n.3 is ON. Insert your Twitter Username.

Vine Master Advanced Responsive Widget

techgasp-vine-master-backend-widget-playerDisplay Widget Title:

1. Activate to display widget title

2. Change Widget Title

Vine Video Player:

3. Activate to Display Vine Video Player

4. if n.3 is On, Insert your Vine Video ID

how to get your video id? Easy when the video gets shared on twitter or by email the video will have a link, something like this:

The Video ID is hj36AwKaA3q

5. insert Vine Display Type. Options are simple or postcard

6. insert Vine Video Size. You can insert any size that best fits your template position. The Vime Recommended values are 320, 480 or 600

7. Activate Audio Auto-Start, unmuted sound version

Vine Master Individual Shortcode

Vine Master version 4.3 and up uses TechGasp v3 framework. The Indivdual Shortcode is easy to use and can be found when you edit a post or a page under the wordpress text editor.  The Individual shortcode allows you to have different, unique shortcodes in each page or post. Once you have created your shortcode, Just insert the shortcode anywhere inside your text.

techgasp-vine-master-backend-shortcodeIf not open, click the tab to open the Vine Master Shortcode box. You can drag and drop the tab into any other bottom or sidebar position.

All settings are the same as the widget settings with 2 new options;

Align Vine Master:

Allows you to align and wrap the text around the shortcode. The options are, left, right or just leave blank.

Shortcode Preview:

if on. Allows you to preview the shortcode that is going to appear on your website frontend.

Each time you enable / disable the preview or change a shortcode setting, you need to update / save the Draft, Page or Post to apply the settings and refresh the preview.

Vine Master Universal Shortcode

techgasp-vine-master-plugin-menuThe display options are very much like the Individual Shortcode but instead of unique shortcodes per page, the Universal Shortcode allows to have the same shortcode across several or all pages and posts. The shortcode can be found under the plugin Menu Shortcodes.