TechGasp Pinterest Profile

Quick instructions to achieve this look

TechGasp Pinterest Full Profile Display

1. Create a WordPress Page, give it a name and in page attributes under template, select full width or landing page or whatever look you are aiming for.

2. Still on the page, go to Pinterest Master shortcode box to configure it. Above is a screenshot with the settings we are using for this exact page… sizes might be a little different from your template but gives a general overview.

3. Give it a Title, Select User Profile Display and Select Custom Display Size.

3.1. Now sizes, Width should be your page width, our page is 1120. For height you can use 400 to 600 , usually good values. Photo Size you can use from 140 to 180.

3.2. Press Save Shortcode IN and insert the shortcode inside your text. Next Update or Save your page.

3.3. You can play with these values until you achieve the desired look. Create as many shortcodes as you want and delete them as you want.

Demo Pin It Button Photo Hover

Pin It Hover Button