Another wordpress master piece plugin. Browse below to set up the plugin in a couple of minutes.

Installation and Updates

Please read the Installation & Updates page that applies to all TechGasp plugins Installation & Updates


Reverbnation Master User Profile Widget

techgasp-reverbnation-master-backend-widget-profileDisplay Widget Title:

1. Activate to display widget title

2. Change Widget Title

Reverbnation Profile Player:

3. Activate to show the Reverbnation User Profile player

4. insert your Reverbnation username
navigate to any reverbnation user profile i.e:
copy and paste the username from the browser url

5. Activate TechGasp Bang! Artwork. For users with great cover art, otherwise display normal player

6. Activate to display Reverbnation logo

7. Activate Dark color scheme. Else, color scheme is Auto. Test to best match your theme.

8. Override player height. Default is blank or empty which equals 520. You can play with this value without affecting mobile responsiveness.
examples: 265, 390, 520, 650

Reverbnation Master Buttons Widget

techgasp-reverbnation-master-backend-widget-buttonsDisplay Widget Title:

1. Activate to display widget title

2. Change Widget Title

Reverbnation Profile Button:

3. Activate to show the Reverbnation Profile Button

4. if 3 is ON, insert your Reverbnation profile link or URL

Advanced Responsive Widget

techgasp-reverbnation-master-backend-widget-advancedDisplay Widget Title:

1. Activate to display widget title

2. Change Widget Title

Reverbnation Widget Player:

3. Activate to show the Reverbnation Widget Player

4. if 3 is ON, insert your Reverbnation widget code.

Open a browser tab and navigate to your account, once there, go to the Tools menu tab, Select Widgets.

Create any of the available widgets and paste the code here

Reverbnation Master Individual Shortcode

Reverbnation Master version 4.3 and up uses TechGasp v3 framework. The Individual Shortcode is easy to use and can be found when you edit a post or a page under the wordpress text editor.  The Individual shortcode allows you to have different, unique shortcodes in each page or post. Once you have created your shortcode, Just insert the shortcode anywhere inside your text.


If not open, click the tab to open the Reverbnation Master Shortcode box. You can drag and drop the tab into any other bottom or sidebar position.

All settings are the same as the widget settings with 3 new options;

Align Reverbnation Master:

Allows you to align and wrap the text around the shortcode. The options are, left, right or just leave blank.

Reverbntion Master Width:

This setting allows you to specify the shortcode size inside your text.

Shortcode Preview:

if on. Allows you to preview the shortcode that is going to appear on your website frontend.

Each time you enable / disable the preview or change a shortcode setting, you need to update / save the Draft, Page or Post to apply the settings and refresh the preview.

Reverbnation Master Universal Shortcode


The display options are very much like the Individual Shortcode but instead of unique shortcodes per page, the Universal Shortcode allows to have the same shortcode across several or all pages and posts. The shortcode can be found under the plugin Menu Shortcodes.