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Google Analytics Master Plugin Menu

techgasp-google-analytics-master-plugin-menuAfter Installing Google Analytics Master, you can access the plugin in your WordPress left Menu. In this document we are going to take a quick look at the Settings page and Updater page.

Keep in mind that the most important page with user configurable settings or options is the Google Analytics Master Settings Page.

Settings Page

This is the main page where you can insert your tracking code ID or tracking script and the theme placement where to load them.

Code or Script

Tracking Code ID: this is where you can insert your google analytics tracking code, example UA-15599263-99, if you are planing to use the google analytics script you may leave this option empty or blank. Get your Google Analytics Tracking Code .

Activate Script ID: activating this option will force the plugin to discard the above tracking code id and use the below script id. If you activate this option it is necessary to insert the google analytics script.

insert script: Activate Script Id checkbox need to be On. Copy and paste your traditional, new Universal Google Analytics script or customized script into this box. Get your Google Analytics Tracking Script .

Theme Placement

Activate in Theme Footer: activating this option will place the tracking code or script in your theme footer. Default is off, tracking code or script are placed in your theme header. There is no problem to activate this option and test the performance of your website page load times and connection time to google analytics server.


Updater Page

The updater page just gives you a quick overview of your Google Analytics Master installed version opposed to the most current or newest version. It is a very good idea to have the plugin up-to-date with the latest google api.