Google Analytics Master



Google Analytics Master is the professional plugin that allows adding the google analytics tracking code or full script to any wordpress website. Designed for minimal system trace and fast page load times.


Plugin Description

Having good quality detailed statistics about your wordpress website traffic, traffic sources, visitors and users, referrers (from search engines and social networks), direct visits and referring sites, advertising, pay-per-click networks ,email marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents, conversions and sales is a must for any wordpress administrator.

Google Analytics Master allows you to connect your wordpress website with google analytics servers by adding the tracking code or tracking script to your wordpress theme. Sounds easy and there’s already a bunch of plugins that do that… so why should you use Google Analytics Master?

Done the TechGasp way, Google Analytics Master was coded for fast page loading times and clean error free code for heavy duty professional wordpress websites:

  • Loads the google analytics tracking code or script in record times, perfectly incorporated in your theme. Does not delay page load times for your users and visitors… even on heavy load of thousands of concurrent visits
  • Connects to google analytics server to burst info in record times making sure every visit is accounted for and contains detailed data
  • The plugin contains no backend or frontend javascipt or css… light as a feather and conflicts free

IMPORTANT, No Javascript or Ajax

Main Options:

  • Makes no use of nasty Javascript or Ajax
  • Makes no use of CSS
  • Allows tracking using the old or Tradicional Google Analytics tracking code or script
  • Allows tracking using the new Universal Google Analytics tracking code or scipt
  • Allows customized scripts
  • Option to track by:
    • Tracking ID, example UA-15599263-99
    • full Script ID
    • customized script
  • Option to load the analytics code in your theme:
    • header
    • footer
  • Automatically inserts the analytics tracking code inside your theme. According to your theme you have the option to insert the tracking code in the header or footer for optimal performance
  • Makes sure the tracking code is present in all website pages and arranged perfectly
  • Very easy to use and can be deployed is seconds
  • Documentation available, end of page